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How Texting Levels the Playing Field in Political Campaigns...


Since 98% of texts are read, many campaigns use texting as the vehicle to drive individuals to their website, social sites, or other issue-related websites.  Texting is effective in giving quick updates on event locations and times, polling locatons, Get-out-the-Vote (GOTV) reminders, and for mustering your volunteers. Candidates also utilize texting to refute misinformation as quickly as it is spread. So if the opponent sends a mailer or airs a tv or radio ad, you can instantly send a text message with the truth, without having to craft an expensive rebuttal advertisement.


Campaigns use text flash polling to gain instant feedback on what issues their voters are most concerned about.  They can then send targeted texts to segmented constituents, based on their texted answer.  Candidates utilize text web polling to gain more detailed feedback from their constituents on specific bills, thus engaging them in the legislative process and being more responsive to their views.  Candidates can then even present these results in their legislative procedures.


The easiness of text fundraising increases the number of small-dollar donations.  More donations, if even in smaller increments, increase the overall campaign coffers. The increase in individual donors also increases the number of engaged supporters who feel like they have skin in the game.

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How Texting Helps Grow, Organize, and Fund Non-Profits....


Causes utilize texting to inform and motivate their supporters.  Knowing that receipients of text messages will read the message, Causes can highlight successes and issue calls to action.  Texting is very effective in mustering volunteers quickly when directives need to be issued in a timely fashion.


Non-profits use text polling to know which specific area supporters want to volunteer in.  They can then be segmented based on their texted answer.  Some organizations utilize text polling to conduct voting during meetings.  The answers are calculated in real-time and can be graphically projected on a screen.


Donations are the lifeblood of non-profit orgnizations.  Causes utilize text fundraising as a simple method to garner many small-dollar donations.  Some causes utilize giveaways to incentivize more donations.  This is especially effective during a live meeting.  The time and amount of the donation is easily tracked within the Raindrop Dashboard.  Within the Dashboard is a giveaway tool which picks random winners to be texted with prize notification.

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How Texting Changes the Learning Experience....


Millennials send 67 text messages per day. Colleges take advantage of this stat by sending class notifications, event reminders, and time changes via texting. College athletics send game reminders to student, alumni, and fans.  Connecting with college supporers is easy via texting.


Text polling used by administrators and professors generates valuable feedback on student and alumni specific inquiries.  Professors utilizing real-time results text polling keep students’ attention spans heightened.  Text polling at sporting events enables instant fan participation and connection.


Instead of alumni donation solicitation mailers getting thrown in the trash as soon as they are received, colleges can simpllify the fundraising process by making small-dollar text donations available.  If also coupled with a rivalry donation contest, recent tuition-paying graduates are more likely to give a few dollars to their alma mater.

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How Texting Supports Free Market Businesses....


Companies utilize texting to advertise products, increase sales, promote discounts, and to direct people to their website or social sites. Since the read rate of texts is almost 100%, it’s a surefire way to increase brand awareness with your target market.  Texting is also highly effective at live events such as trade shows to drive traffic to a booth.


Consumer feedback is essential to improving products and services as well as customer relationships. Text polling, in multiple forms, simplifies the survey process. Utilizing giveaways as a participation incentive is an effective tactic. Raindrop’s prize winner randomizing tool makes prize notification seamless. Text polling is very useful for business expos or other events, and can be used in conjunction with an event app or as a stand alone product.


Raindrop’s fundraising feature is utilized differently for companies. Businesses use it to process payments which are all tracked in the Raindrop Dashboard.

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