Why do I love texting for communicating with customers and supporters?  The answers a simply outined in these 7 benefits! My chosen topic this week, is a personal favorite, and it is filled with facts about texting that you may not know. Take a look…

Sometimes customers think of texting last when, really, they would be thinking of it first if they understood the power of text messaging. When our customers think about reaching out to their members what is the first thing they think about? Email. The problem with email is that it has a dismal record of responses. In the best case, studies showed email as having a 20% open rate and less than 3% response rate. That is sad. Email is so yesterday. Here is why you should think texting first:

Open Rate

Did you know that text messaging has a 99% open rate? Compare that to email and it is just a “no brainer” why texting works better, faster, quicker, and easier than email. Seriously! Why would you ever send an email again?

Read Rate

A recent study stated that 90% of text messages that are sent are read within 3 minutes of delivery! That is fast! If your message is time sensitive then there is no reason NOT to send a text message. Texting is the best way to be assured your message is actually read.

It’s Personal

Text Message Marketing is in the same flow on a mobile device as the receivers most personal and intimate relationships. Where else do you get the same response as a text from your Mom? This is unheard of in marketing circles! All messages sent by the customer are opened in the same app, the messaging app, and read with the same response as a message from your wife or girlfriend. Just let that sink in for a second. Wow, so powerful!

No Spam

The FCC and TCPA rules and regulations that we talked about last week, show that text messages are a clean channel of communication that is not clogged up by SPAM. Subscribers have opted in, because they WANT to hear from you! This is also very powerful. There is nowhere else in marketing that I can think of where this is the case.

It’s Measurable

As customers send text messages to customers, they are encouraged to embed a link or a phone number to prompt supporters to take an action. Every unique link and phone number used in texting assures that customers have measurable data on how a particular text was received. We also have reports within the dashboard that show you immediately some of this data. Customers don’t have to wonder if your texts are read.


Our customer’s texts are already formatted in a short message form for them, thus they are perfect for sharing on social media. All that you need to do is to copy and paste your text into all your subscribers social media platforms and you have the ability for your text messages to “go viral.” How cool is that?


By now, you have probably already thought of a dozen ways text can benefit your organizations. Let me share a few I have found with you:

  •  It increases your impact and engage the most subscribers of any other platform.
  • Texting increases your personal interactions with subscribers.
  • Mobile giving increases your donations and/or revenue.
  • Your message reaches more people with less effort  through texting.

When you see all of these benefits, it’s no wonder I love text messaging! What’s not to love?